Day 20 - Disneyland

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Submitted by brad on Mon, 07/19/2010 - 01:20

He Said: We had another great day. I'm sad to go. I don't want to start the drive home.  This hotel has been nice, the kids have been great. This morning we got up semi-early and went in for part of the Magic Morning early admissoin, around 7:30ish.  We knocked off a couple more rides, did peter pan and pinocchio again, then went for a character breakfast.  Expensive, but worth it. The kids loved it. Everyone came around the table. Chip and Dale, Tigger, Hook, Eeyore, Minnie, Pooh, Rabbit, some babboon. They danced with the kids; it was a lot of fun.  Ryan did not like any of them today, though.  Then we redid some other rides, managed to get in for lunch at the Blue Bayou in Pirates, and made our way back to the hotel for naps.  Then it was up to the cafe for a late supper and a shot at seeing Fantasmic. We got there too late to get a table outside.  We sat at a table against the window, but it wasn't very good, what with the glare and all. Still, the kids saw the dragon, the steamboar filled with characters and of course the princesses. Oh, right, the princesses. That's what we did after breakfast. We met tinkerbell, then the girls dressed up like princesses and met the princesses. That was pretty sweet. They had instand princess attitudes once they changed.  We also managed a good viewing spot on main street for the last of the fireworks.  And that wraps up our final night here.  I don't imagine you can live in a theme park for 40 years, but I could come close.  The hotel service, the casual walking around trying new restaurants, checking out new things. I've enjoyed this whole trip, and I'm sad to see it end. So I shall stop typing. We're looking at probably a couple long hauls back, then maybe a night or two of camping near Edmonton. If the kids ever read this - Thanks for such a wonderful trip. I really enjoyed seeing everything through your eyes. Gillian, your love of the ocean and dancing in the waves. Mara, your waving and calling to the Disney characters, and Ryan - your leaps and bounds every day, going from toddle to pulling yourself up to playing peekaboo. I'll always remember this trip, and I look forward to doing more. I hope we can do one a year until you're too old to hang out with Dad anymore.
She said:
Whew - my legs hurt.  Oh to be 5 again and be able to walk all day without complaint.  Today we did something that wasn't worth the wait.  Meeting Tinkerbell.  The line up was at least 40 minutes and all it was a photo op with characters that the girls don't connect with.  The Princesses however were great!!  We bought the kids Princess Pyjamas (Mara - Ariel and Gillian - Cinderella) and gloves and purses and they were adorable.  Asking each other if they're going to the ball etc.  Gillian holding her hands all delicate and pursing her lips just so.  For those of you who haven't been you'd be amazed at what they offer little princess wanna-bes here.  For $45 they can get their hair all pulled up tight into a bun and sprayed with sparkles - for $5 more they add a little tiara and a little makeup. And for $210 they can get a dress, shoes, gloves, purse, tiara etc to keep.  So there were quite a few little princesses running around disneyland.  All I could think is that they must be soooooo hot.  But they seemed fine.  Well, I'm completely distracted and don't have proper time to do this now so I better go help my kids get dressed.