Day 21 - Disneyland to New York

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Submitted by brad on Mon, 07/19/2010 - 21:25

He Said: We woke up around the same as usual, took our time getting out, had some breakfast, and went into the park. The one ride we'd been putting off, the Toy Story one, was closed for beautificaiton until next weekend, so that was too bad. GIllian and I spent 30 minutes waiting for the submarine ride, which has been updated for Finding Nemo.  It was alright. Has some screens dispersed throughout it that play bits of the characters.  I'm not a big fan of being in a submarine, in a cave, under water, but we did it.  Then we did the carousel, and that was about it. The line ups seemed much longer today, longer than I think they have been. We did some minor shopping, then headed back to the hotel and checked out.  It was SCORCHING. Around death valley it was easily over 45 degrees. I had to stop for gas and I thought my skin was burning. I've been in Vegas in hot weather before, where it felt like I was a cake in an oven. This felt like I was paper under a broiler. It stung.  Then we headed into Vegas and stopped at NY NY for the night on the Vinny Package.  I think they're hard up for people. $51, VIP check in, free drinks, free desserts, show tickets....I still had a "two nights free" email too, but we weren't sure we were going to stay both days.  I really don't feel like driving and this place has a pool, but I don't like Vegas for kids. When Gillian was young she remembered the rainfall in the mall, the circus circus arcade, the giant coke bottle, and that's all fine. But I took her for a walk to the drugstore tonight and I had to try to keep dodging the piles of topless lady cards.  Plus the smoking, the drinking, etc. It's hard to justify it, because I don't agree with it. I like the shows, the food, the outlet shopping and the the glitz. I don't like the excess. And it's definitely not the best city for my daughters to learn from.  But that's almost a blog topic, so I digress.
She said:
The last day of disneyland was reserved for re-doing the fun rides and buying souvenirs.  The lineups were too long and the kids weren't that interested in the stuff - as it turns out.  They, of course said they wanted this and that and that one too and this one over here.  But when it came to actually picking something that we were going to take home Gillian picked a stuffed baby Woody (from Toy Story) that she had here eye on the whole 5 days and Mara chose 2 books (with a little guidance from mom).  I got Ryan a sippy cup and that's it.  
 Grand Californian is such a wonderful hotel it's a shame that we didn't want to hang out there.  Fantastic restaurants, the pool is a resort on it's own - it was three pools and 2 waterslides and cabanas to rent and life jackets and floatie things for the kids.  The sliding doors at the entrance are 2 storeys high stained glass. 
And here we are in Vegas and somehow it's not that exciting.  And the forecast for Tuesday is High 44 LOW 32.  EEEEK!