Day 22 - Las Vegas to Pocatello

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Submitted by brad on Wed, 07/21/2010 - 00:02

He Said: We got up, ate breakfast under the giant America sculpture in NY NY, walked through the scorching parking lot, then hit the road. We drove, drove a bit, and drove some more.  About 11 hours later, we're in Pocatello Idaho for the night.  And that's about all I have to say about that. The temperature outside, according ot the car, was in the forties most of the way here.
She Said:
I've never been less excited to see Las Vegas nor more interested in leaving it.  Perhaps the heat - perhaps seeing the drunken 30-somethings last night behaving badly - perhaps it was trying to not let my kids see any of the bad stuff. 
The girls loved to race down the hallway on the milticoloured carpet trying to avoid stepping on orange and only step on purple waves - not stripes - waves.  They loved opening up the hotel room door with the key-card and they loved wondering if we were going to get "Cool down service" with chocolates on our pillows.  They really wanted to go to the pool in the morning but it was already 38 degrees at 9:00 and we decided it was best just to get out of the frying pan.  Even the thought of trying to walk accross the street to see the roof that rained or the hotel that looks like a castle seemed painful.  Ha - and I saw a mom in the lobby last night carrying a baby and trying to heard her 2 three yr old boys into the hallway and I thought "Why did they think that coming to Vegas with three kids under 3 was a good idea? - Idiots"!!