Day 1 - Edmonton to West Kelowna

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Submitted by brad on Mon, 07/18/2011 - 23:38

He said: Not much to say here. We left in the pouring rain, about 9:30AM. Stopped in Onoway in the pouring rain,about 10:30AM. Picked up some more of Calvin's stuff, in the pouring rain, then started driving.  Stopped for lunch at a Mcdonald's somewhere, they had Transformers toys.  In the pouring rain. We were driving, makign good time, and encountering the pouring rain, for quite some time. Eventually we reached Kamloops where we had supper and no rain. I have no clue what we ate, but we stopped at the Chapters. At that point we decided, based on Calvin's sage wisdom, to keep going. Pulled in to Phil's house around 10PM, roughly 13 hours after we left Edmonton.  We were tired. I did tweet some HILARIOUS location clues, excerpted below:


  • Our location in the form of a Sunday crossword clue: "Friday the 13th slasher's not so friendly ghost?" (Jason + Casper = Jasper)
  • New location. Clue: "Horse reserved for Master Wayne's girlfriend?" (it's a much less famous place than the last). Or perhaps..."How Master Wayne's girfriend gets on a horse?" (Vicki Vale's Mount = Valemount)
  • Location #3 (for you hard core BCians out there). "Mr. Manilow's patented prosthetic butt enhancer? (Barry Manilow+ Derriere = Barriere)
  • This one's a definite stretch&for the edmontonians. location #4: "Mr. Tait's breakfast cereal?" (CamTait + Froot Loops = CamLoops = Kamloops)
  • Kelowna was a toughie. I tried:
    •  Rapper Kanye's rentable murder tool? - Jersey style (West Kill Loanah)
    • And : "C. Kent scrape knee? Nope." (K. El Ow? Nah.)



All in all, the kids made it 13 hours sitting still doing nothing without one incident. I don't know if I should be impressed with their patience or disappointed in their laziness.

She said:  Brad is forgetting that Ryan feels the need to speak every 10 seconds.  He's fine until someone makes eye contact with him - then he doesn't shut up. (Hm, might be genetic. I tune out most of the chatter but then he needs to be acknowledged once in while and goes "mom, mom, mom, mom mommy, momma, mom, MOM! MOM!!!!" (A la Stewy Griffin). I was the one who had had enought of being in the van by the time we got to Kamloops but I kinda hoped that Ryan would sleep the rest of the way.  No such luck.  We ate just north of Kamloops at Barriere.  A place called the Great Barriere Reef.  Good strawberry rhubarb pie.