Day 2 - West Kelowna

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Submitted by brad on Mon, 07/18/2011 - 23:52

He said: It was nice in Kelowna this day. We got up, took everyone to the spray park in the city centre, The kids had fun going down the one slide there, even though it was very slow and their butts were sticking to the slide.  Ryan needed a push just to keep moving on it. After that we headed to the "zip line beach". It turned out to be quite nice, with there being two zip lines. Actual ropes the kids hung from. One going across the beach, the other going out into the water.  Both girls loved the one over the beach.  Mara really wanted to try the one out into the water, but I was worried it might be too deep at the end, and not sure I'd be able to adequately 'rescue' her, should it come to that.  When she gets going, she's definitely not fearless. We took a couple rides in our inflatable dinghy,then headed back. If I had one comment about the beach, it'd be that the zip lines relied entirely on someone returning the rope to the start, which is not easy for a kid. More often than not some parent got roped into doing it for every kid for the next few minutes.  I took the slightly different tact of not acknowledging I had kids on it.  Shelley served up some excellent ribs, I think a slip n' slide may have made an appearance, and that wrapped up that day.

She said: I got a great pic of a bucket of water splashing down on Calvin's head.  It took about 15 takes to get it just right.  Ha ha!  Shelley informed us later that the zipline beach (aka Gyro Beach) is a meat market.  Meaning that it's where the muscle-heads hang out.  I just wondered how many drunk "youth" enjoyed the ziplines at night.   My foot had quite a bit of swelling this day so I thought it best to sit with it elevated and have everyone wait on me the rest of the day.  So overall a great day for me!!