Day 10 - Seaside (Astoria)

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Submitted by brad on Wed, 07/20/2011 - 01:11
He said:  Today was the big day. We drove in to Astoria for the market.  It was your average street farmer's market.  Calvin scored a sweet marshmallow shooter, from this guy who was hilarious. Older grandpa, overweight, gruff voice.  It's basically pvc pipe with a couple bends that you blow through.  The first time we passed the guy, he mentioned how you could disassemble it to hide it under your coat if you were going to an assembly or rally ("but I probably shouldn't be saying that in front of the grown ups"). Calvin resisted for a bit, then we went by with Shannon and the kids, and Calvin asked if it would with anything else. The guy hesitated, then said something like "uhh..Corn puffs.They work with corn puffs". Then calvin asked but couldn't anything that fits be used. You could tell the guy was biting his tongue off trying not to say anything, before saying "I try to make it safe for everyone". So I told the girls lets go and left, and as soon as I was out of eyeline the guy said "c'mere. I didn't want to say anything in front of them,but..." Apparently he told Calvin it'd be great for blueberries.  Calvin bought it. I missed it, but Calvin apparently ticked off some pawn shop folks with his heavy metal jams, then it was on to <wait for it> The Goonies!

The jail was impressive.  Tiny, but they've done a lot with it.  There are quotes from various Oregon movies plastered on the ceiling, and if you guess 10 of the movies, you get a prize. Shannon and I had a lot of fun with that, and the lady behind the counter was very nice and helpful.  The prize was a genuine gold dubloon.  They even threw in a second for Mara.  There was a kevin baconesque Corey feldman link wall, lots of memorabilia, and a neat green screen area where you could act out a couple small scripts and watch it on a green screen. Professional looking cutaway cars with mounted cameras, etc.  I got the girls to do the "It's not a tumour" scene from Kindergarten cop.  Awesome!  Overall, a top notch experience and very reasonably priced.  Steady steam of people, too. We left a stinky diaper in the parking lot and peeled out of there to the Goonies House with a swing past the football field.  The goonies house is up a private drive, with a sign saying Goonies on foot welcome.  There wa s steady stream of people for a Sunday morning.  We went up with another family (Shannon and Ryan waited in the car), and took a picture for each other. I gotta say, the jail is more impressive. I barely recognized the house.  And I completely forgot to do the truffle shuffle!  We heard someone shout "Get out of here!" and that was that.  I assume the must have been joking, they do have a sign up welcoming people. We spent a lot of time yelling "Hey you guuuyyyyss", even Ryan got in on the act. We tried to eat somewhere local but the line ups were bad, so we ended up at Burger King. 

We stopped in at the 25cent store in AStoria, which was pretty disappointing unless you want some weird spices or plastic doohickeys. I did get a decent metal cigarette case with ultra red white and blue pride on it. There's a flag, an eagle, the world trade centre,and "two thousand and one" written on it.  I bet I could say it on e-bay for $1.00.  Further justificaiton for living here.  We've been telling Calvin he could make a living busking, playing guiter and collecting sand dollars.

Calvin was debating the gummy worm all day.  We luckily happened to be passing the candy store 3 minutes before it closed, giving Calvin just enough time to fulfill his destiny. Shannon was not impressed. It is pretty epic as far as gummy based animals go, though. Then it was on to sushi.  Was alright. We had decent weather which led to a gorgeous walk along the beach at sunset. We stayed out there until dark. It was excellent. Every day should end that way. 

She said: What's a street farmer?  It's great going to a farmer's market with only $10 cash.  I bought snacks and that's it.  Got businss cards for the things I might actually want more of- like Black Raspberry Syrup.  I didn't know there were black raspberries!!!  The "metal box" that Brad got was a cigarette case.  Interesting that he didn't know that but Calvin did.  OK yes the gummy worm was impressive as far as giant gummy animals go.  I think I better not comment anymore on that one.  
The sunset on the beach was the highlight of the trip!!  So beautiful!  So peaceful.  Such a lovely walk.  Lots of picture - too bad I wasn't a better photographer.  Ryan still managed to hate it.  Oh well.  He's still cute!