Day 9 - Seaside

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Submitted by brad on Wed, 07/20/2011 - 00:51
He said: The bikers are in town for a couple days, and it shows. We hit the aquarium today, where we got to feed the seals. The seals, it turns out, are tiny guys in a tiny pool with wire cages going up 5 feet, and the kids get to toss pieces of fish up over the cage if they can. Not quite what I expected. But I was pleasantly surprised that the kids didn't blanche at the thought of handling raw fish parts. There was a giant lobster there, 80-100 years old, that apparently died due to the mental anguish of being kidnapped. I'm not sure the year on that. Some tanks you could touch things in, some ugly fish, fairly tiny, Calvin enjoyed it too, though. He had gone out this day too and found some really awesome, complete sanddollars. Don't ask me how. We also got a shark's tooth for free from a place that wanted us to tour their condos. Got caught in a real downour when we left the museum, which put a bit of a damper on things. We all managed the walk back to the hotel where we dried off and changed. We headed to the factory outlet, past the sure-to-be-awesome 25 cent store, and looked for shoes for the kids and Shannon. Hit the book warehouse. Did you know they have a MadLibs for everything?!? There's a Donald Trump's Apprentice Mad Libs, a Monsters vs Aliens Mad Libs, We definitely have too much time or money on our hands when we're debating whether to get Archie McPhee's super awesome mustache cake pan or Aprentice MadLibs. We hit the beach again, walked into town for dinner (I forget the name of the place). It was busy, rushed,and small portions. But decent food. Toured the candy shoppes, where Calvin found his holy grail, in the form of the World's Largest Gummy Worm! 3lbs of glorious awesomeness for only $24.95. We convinced him to think about it a day, but I think the dye is cast. It is pretty awesome. They also have the world's largest gummy bear, but somehow it doesn't seem so big. I bought some various rare and odd pops,that's about it for me. Can't think of anything else eventful that happened.

She said: Ryan doesn't think much of the ocean.  He like to walk on the beach, but the waves freak him out.  He takes it quite personally.  Mara is warming up to them.  She loves collecting little treasures from the shore.  I figured you could take some clear epoxy or lacquer to the beach with you, gather up all the broken and rejected shells into a hole in the sand and pour the (quick drying) lacquer over them and presto - instant souvenir.  Maybe I'll patent that.  hm.  Forget you heard about it. 
I am definitely not the target audience of those outlet malls.  Nothing fits me, I'm too cheap and I'm too practical to buy anything that I can't find room for easily on the trip home.  Some people bring an empty suitcase just for the loot - not me.  It is nice going to the Nike outlet store and finding 25 pairs of runners to choose from in my size (as opposed to the 2 at Tall Girl).  But I don't wear runners very often.  So Mara got one new dress that I'm sure she'll wear everyday the rest of the trip and Ryan got a cheap pair of sandals because the ones we brought are very smelly. I really really really hope Calvin doesn't buy that gummy worm.  He keeps asking me what I have ever wasted money on.  To which I reply "tons of crap.  Which is why I'm trying to stop you from making the same mistake".  We'll see.