Day 14 - Penticton

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Submitted by brad on Fri, 07/22/2011 - 00:34
He said:  Stayed at the Days Inn, in a pretty nice room. Bunk beds for the kids in a separate room, but the separate room turned out to be an oversized closet.No windows, Pretty sure closing the door would count as child abuse.  Otherwise it's nice. I had to make a brief foray into the real world, paying $8 to have Staples scan in two pages for me. Pretty sure the hotel could've done it for me, there was a scanner right behind them I think, but oh well.  Room is large.  We went to the beach at about 11,. It was sunny, hot, and gorgeous. Just like my wife. Then about 45 minutes later it turned into a gale force whirling she beast of a storm. Just like my....nah, that's too easy. Seriously, the wind whipped up something fierce. Horrible.  Ran to the car, came home. 

Ate here, hung out at the hot tub a bit.  There are two pools, one indoor one outdoor, but they start at 3' and no inflatables allowed in the indoor one. We all napped, except for Calvin, then went to dinner. Tried a closed mexican place with a giant headless naked lady hanging from the lobby ceiling (butt butt), a priate place on the beach (you want a table?.....annnnnd you have kids) before ending up at the restaurant at the hotel. Bit of a fancy shmancy wine place.  Decent burger, bad chicken fingers.

She Said: Continental breakfast isn't the same here as it was in the states.  I shouldn't assume it's a national thing - but it's all I have to go on.  The states was better - more hot food. 

Today I was mad that I can't do some stuff because of my toe.  Now it's because there's oozing fluids and blood from under the nail.  I don't want to risk infection or losing the toe by soaking it in the lake or the pool.  Calvin thinks it's cool and takes pictures then I change the bandaid.  Anyway - so because of that, I couldn't take kids to the pool and it pissed me off.  Took a while to get over it.  Ice cream helped.