Day 15 - Penticton to Kelowna

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Submitted by brad on Fri, 07/22/2011 - 00:38

He said: Today turned out to be a beautiful morning in Penticton. We went to the south lake, Skaha.  The inflatable boat from last year was a great investment. Went for trips with all three kids.  Ryan doesn't care much for the water, but he sure likes drifting in the boat.  We stayed until about 2 then drove in to Kelowna for another night's stay. The hotel has a small pool at the bottom of a water slide, that's about it. Gillian enjoyed it.  We played car games on the way up, such as answering a question with a question and speaking in movie titiles.

She said: I was impressed with Gillian in the pool.  She showed us again and again how she could swim under the rope.  Holding her breath and not using her arms - but the fact that she's willing to be underwater for that long is a breakthrough.  Yay!!  Hotel was nice.  Chicken and veggies from Safeway for supper.  Nice hotel in Kelowna.  New and clean.  Gillian peed the bed.  First hotel we stayed in that didn't have a mattress protector.  Oh well.  I left a note for the cleaning staff.