Day 17 - Kelowna to Revelstoke

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Submitted by brad on Sun, 07/24/2011 - 22:47
He said; Got a sot start to the morning, packing and letting the kids walk the dogs, then it was off to Revelstoke with a quick stop at Mara Provincial Park to take Mara's picture.  Then we hit the Enchanted Forest. Pretty much the same things every year, but the kids still seem to enjoy it.  It was new for Ryan and Calvin, and they both had fun squeezing into the tiny houses.  The Days Inn in Revelstoke is a decent room, no pool. Not much else to report today, as it was kind of a driving day.  Have to map out the rest of the trip tonight. I got groceries to make hamburgers and set off the smoke detector in the room; nobody responded.

She said: Calvin is the king of photo-bombing his own photos.  He taught Ryan to do it too.  I think I mentioned this before.  Ryan holds up his two index fingers instead of his thumbs though.  So cute.  Mara started to do it to.  Perhaps we should have been posting a few pictures as we go.  Oh well.  Nobody napped today so hopefully they all get great sleeps.  Especially me - I'm sick of being grumpy- it makes me fat!