Day 18 - Revelstoke to Lake Louise

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Submitted by brad on Mon, 07/25/2011 - 23:10
He said: We're definitely winding down the trip here.  We had the hotel breakfast, then hung out in the room for a bit, before hitting the road with no real destination in mind.  Eventually we decided on Lake Louise.  Took a nice walk around the lake with the kids, and just a bit of rain,  The photobombing is getting a bit out of hand, I think. Checked into a little lodge/cabin hotel with a small playground, had some microwaved frozen dinners.  It was a nice day, but definitely a bit more sedate.  Nice weather. Much cooler here.  Tomorrow we're going to head up to the glacier and Jasper.

She said:  I must say it was MY brilliant idea to go to Lake Louise.  It was exaclty the right amount of time in the vehicle and perfect for our olans for tomorrow to go up to Jasper.  So beautiful there.  I like that there are so many people there from all over the world - not like Penticton that might have people from as far away as Medicine Hat.