Day 20 - Jasper to Edmonton

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Submitted by brad on Wed, 07/27/2011 - 19:56
He said: Had a great buffet breakfast at the hotel, then headed to Miette Hot Springs. The one place Ryan actually enjoyed the water, despite the rain. He did great. It seems much more buoyant there, and I think he noticed. He was floating straight out like a push up with no feet, sitting, everything.  Even tipped over a couple times, got some water in his mouth. It almost looked like he was drowning at one point, but he sorted himself out and got right back at it. He stood up and coughed and cried first, but then he was right back at it. Didn't want to leave.  It was a good wrap up to the trip.  We had lunch in Hinton, then it was off to Onoway to drop off Calvin. 4000km and 21 days, and I still wasn't sick of him. He's a great person. He was also a huge help with the kids. I couldn't have done the waterpark without him. We're back a couple days shy of 3 weeks, but that's ok. We were ready. I still have another 11 days off.

Shannon and I invented two movie title related games on the drive. Fame and fortune will follow shortly.

She said: mmmmmm Breakfast.  My favorite meal of the day.  The kids think that buffet means get some stuff, eat 3 bites, go get more stuff, eat 3 bites, go get more stuff.  Hmmmm I wonder where they get that idea from.  We thought if we pigged out it would hold us over until we got home but I had a craving for a BLT and knew I'd be dieting when we got home, so I made us stop at the Husky House in Hinton for lunch.  The movie title games were cool - might have to submit something to GAMES magazine. 
Got the best hug from Calvin when we dropped him off.  Too bad everyone was still at work - felt bad sending him to an empty house, if only for half an hour or so.  I think we managed to something almost everyday that he'd never done before.... even approaching the turnoff to Onoway from the west instead of the east. Thanks so much for coming with us Calvin!