Day 19 - Lake Louise to Jasper

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Submitted by brad on Wed, 07/27/2011 - 19:48
He said: Had plans to go to the gondola for breakfast. Turns out it's cheaper than the one in Jasper AND includes what sounds like a nice meal. But it was rainy, cloudy, and overcast, so so much for that.  The place in Lake louise was nice, but a bit hot overnight.  No air conditioner, no phone.  We drove up to the Columbia Icefields for lunch.  Shannon and Ryan stayed behind while the rest of us went out on the Glacier.  Always a nice trip. I'm amazed by the blue of the ice.  And just the concept of it.  Thousands of years old, and it'll be gone within 80.  It's not like glaciers are being made every day.  Some day that'll just be an empty valley, full of dinosaur bones, a crashed UFO, and the odd unfortunate hiker. Calvin enjoyed it, got a bottle of glacier water to complement his bottle of seawater (did I mention he got a bottle of seawater?).  They also wrapped up our trip nicely, talking about the contiental divides, the water sources, the flows down to Astoria, Seattle and Washington. Talked about how the sediment and minerals in it colour the waters of Lake Louise.  Covered our whole trip!

Shannon waited in the car, then we headed to Jasper.  We ended up staying at the Tonquin Inn. It's old, but nice amenities.  There was only one room left that coudl accommodate us, but it was nice.  Kitchen, dining room table, fireplace, two bedrooms, separate AC for the bedroom and the main area, and a dry sauna! A dry sauna, right in the room.  We went for a short walk down the main street, had supper, and back to the room for some sauna and snacking.  We've been watching American Dad with Calvin almost every night, but we were lacking that channel last night and tonight is too late. Our out of context quote for the day is "What if it falls out? Hmm, that looks weird. I'd better tuck it in my pants". Ryan is parrotting everything now, which is both awesome and annoying. 

She said: Ha!  Brad covered it all.  I guess he doesn't know what Ryan and I did while they were on the glacier.  Well, it wasn't that exciting.  I told Ryan that the red flowery things in the ditch were Indian Paint Brushes (not sure if they were) and we walked down the path with him finding as many as he could.  Saw a couple of chipmunks (or striped squirrels) and he had a big poop.  Made me quite glad we opted out of the bus trip to the glacier.  We sat in the car for the last 20 minutes to wait for them and Ryan waved at every bus that came down or went up accross the street.  "Daddy's bus?! Hi bus!  Hi Callin (not a typo - that's how he says Calvin)"  I think we saw about 20 buses and I had to acknowledge every single one.  Yay!  He's starting to say sentences which is cool but it makes him harder to understand.  When it's just one word you can usually figrue it out - especially if he's also pointing.  But, now it's "uerh arrhag Daddy" or "Callin ahagr alspren".  And I have to figure out what the heck he wants with Daddy or whether or not Calvin is sleeping.