Day 10 - Tri Cities to Grand Mound, Washington

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Submitted by brad on Fri, 07/27/2012 - 22:59
He Said: Well, we did it. Against both our better judgments, we've ended up once again at Great Wolf Lodge. We just had to get out of the heat. It was the general direction we wanted to go, we couldn't find any campsites (or hotels in most places) with availability on the weekend, etc. One of the perils of booking last minute. It's expensive, it's sterile, it's commercialism at it's most rampant....but the kids love the bunkbeds. We sprung for the room with the mini cabin inside it and let me tell ya. Up until 8 or 9, you could plan a whole vacation that consisted of nothing but going to someone's house 5 blocks away with bunkbeds and froot loops, and you'd have ecstatic kids. There is a Coke Freestyle machine here, it turns out, so I'll get to cross that off my list. Ryan's proving to be a challenge. The difference in the ages is just too great. He can't keep up, he doesn't behave, etc. We have to split up a lot. He is sweet though, most of the time. I've taken to putting him down for his nap or bedtime. Laying there and ensuring he goes to sleep. When I do, I've started talking to him about his day, encouraging him to tell his version. It's awesome. This next year is going to see so much change in him. On the way here we stopped at a day spot somewhere in Wenachahee Park that was gorgeous. Had lunch, threw rocks in the river. If we could've camped there, we would have. Only 25-27 degrees, it was almost chilly. She Said: The girls loved the bunk beds and Ryan loved the fridge. And the bathroom. He just wanted to be excited about something. It's kinda funny that we're finally in a spot that has a temperature below 30 degrees and we'll be inside for 48 hours straight. Definitely going to have to go camping after this. I was instantly happy to be in nature for our lunch break, even though I got 18 mosquito bites in 10 minutes. Even though I had to fight with Mara to get her to either pee in the bushes or pee in the outhouse. Even though she eventually chose the outhose that actually had poo on the walls. Even though we had to take a narrow dirt road that had a steep drop on one side with no railing and huge potholes. Just to sit next to a waterfall, encaved by tall evergreens was totally worth it all. We should really have pictures with this. It's been pretty tough to do with the lousy internet we've had. But it seems good here. Maybe tomorrow. I had a little cuddle and chat with Mara today about how tough it is to be the middle child. Everything she wants to do she is either held back by Ryan or beaten by Gillian. In the swimming pool I can't have her climb on me because Ryan can't reach the bottom or swim at all. Here at the Lodge, Gillian can read better and figure out the clues quicker and run faster up the stairs etc. so she's completing the quests before her. We'll have to find something just for her tomorrow.