Day 11 - Great Wolf Lodge

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He Said: Ryan has two bad habits. Playing with his penis and putting things in his mouth. I realized today that constantly correcting him with "No penis, Ryan" and "Take it out of your mouth, Ryan" may not sound quite kosher when run together. I need new phrases. Spent the entire day at Great Wolf Lodge, with a brief run for groceries. Cost aside, it's not a bad setup. Lots to do. The MagicQuest is lots of running up and down 5 flights of stairs waving a wand at this, then waving a wand at that. They lay out little quests that ensure you move through all the floors in different orders, triggering pictures or chests. I rode the Alberta Falls waterslide with G today, probably my first slide in 22 years. Man, I haven't lived much. Anyway. It was fun. I really enjoyed just having fun with her, laughing. It was over way to soon. I don't get as much time with her anymore. There's usually another kid and when there's two, you have to downgrade to the youngest. So it ends up being a lot of G waiting, telling G to let M go first, telling G to let M try it, etc. We used to just roll around laughing and tickling. I miss her. Need to find something fun I can do with her; something that isn't educational or sitting around TV. There was a dance tonight that I thought would be good. Just her and I jumping around. But I ended up putting Ryan to bed and Shannon took her. We're only 1.5 hours from the ocean, so I think tomorrow we'll go that way, stay there a night, then trek back to do some camping before we cross into Canada. She Said: Last time we were here I had a broken toe. It's much better here when I don't have a broken toe. It's still a money grab and there's so much additional cost for everything. But most of that is stuff you don't actually need or want so it's easy to say no to. There was 5 teenage boys playing with a luggage cart coming at us in the hallway today. I watched as one of them hopped on and another one pushed him down the hall. Knowing that my son was behind me 15 feet and realizing that they probably would run him over I quickly turned and yelled for them to watch out for other people. Just as they were about to hit him, Ryan saw it coming and got out of the way. I always find it funny when I yell at teenagers. It makes me feel like such a mom. Reminds me of being a stupid teenager and having other parents correct my oblivious behaviour. Now I'm an adult. Waterpark and MagiQuiest are fun - but a lot of stairs. I guess this is why it's important to keep in shape. Which brings up another thing. There's nothing like a trip to the states to make you feel thin. Wow. I know that Canada has a rising obesity rate too, but it's just so noticable here. Especially in a place like this that encourages overindulgence.