Day 12 - Grand Mound to Ocean Shores, WA

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He Said:Spent a couple hours in the morning at the waterpark before heading out. Gillian and I did the waterslide again, then spent what could've been an hour playing basketball in the pool. We went to 100. Then it was lunch at the Burger Claim (oof) and off to the ocean. It was only 100km, tops, but it took awhile because of the winding roads and low speeds. It's always nice to be at the ocean. You can drive right out on to it at this one. Lots of kites, chilly wind, old buildings. I know it's cold here, but I still don't understand how a beachfront community can be so old and empty. It's a decent hotel, but probably 50 years old. There's no resorts, nothing. Which is nice for us, but suprising. We just caught the tail end of a big bike rally. 9 more days of vacation to go, but I'm feeling pretty much done. The kids are having a hard time behaving. Getting the 3 of them to bed is especially challenging. That was another nice thing about Great Wolf. They all had their own bed, they all slept without issue. Not looking forward to camping again. After dinner Gillian, Mara and I went to do some mini golf. It was a nice enough course, but just a course. I don't know what it is. They parody them on Simpsons, I think I did one outside Disneyland as a kid...where are the real min golf courses? All I can find are small courses. Par2/3s. I want one where I have to shoot a ball through a rotating windmill blade and between the opening and closing legs of Lincoln's monument. One day I'm going to take a trip around the US just to hit mini golf courses around the country. She Said: Sooooooo looking forward to Brad's retirement.