Day 16 - Verlot

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Submitted by brad on Sat, 08/04/2012 - 19:19
He Said:We had bought these jumbo marshmallows that are REALLY jumbo. Gillian made a S'more that overflowed. We tried to do a hike to Heather Lake. The kids did great, but it turned out to be a much farther hike than we thought. Ryan had a walking stick. It's hard when writing these not to just end up doing a chronology of the day, which I'm sure is exciting to no one, so - Goodbye. Oh, turns out there are some houses right beside the campsite. Seems a bit odd, having a house or two plunked down in the middle of a national park. I'd say it must be a great place to live and we should move there, but my enthusiasm is tempered somewhat by the padlocked fence gate, private property signs, american flags out front, and 5 or 6 houses grouped down inside. I don't want to use the word 'compound', but...I'm sure they're lovely people. She Said:Gillian was so disappointed that we could only do half the hike. I hope I can go on a real hike with just her some day soon. See how long it takes to tire her out. It was kinda fun watching people on the way up notice a 2 year old on the way down (he told everyone he was two as soon as they made eye contact). He did so well. Probably made it a mile up a mountain. Awesome. The rest of the day was usual camping stuff. Happy.