Day 17 - Verlot to West Kelowna

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Submitted by brad on
He Said:Got up at 6AM, spent a couple hjours packing and hit the road around 9. I uber packed this time. I was in the zone. I am the king of maximum density. The entire middle row was emptied out and accesible. We had a long drive today. Made it to Bellingham, did some last minute shopping, and learned that every liquor store in the state has gone out of business. Eh. Then it was on to Abbottsford for a quick visit with Shannon's Aunt, followed by a LOOOOOOONNG drive to Kelowna. Too hot here. Up at 6, packed and out by 9, and Kelowna around 7-8. She Said:Kids were sad to go. I love camping - but I'm definitely a fair-weather camper and I can only put up with the inconveniences and uncomfortable sleep for about 2 days. Brad really did an amazing job packing. I know we're kinda going on about it - but it realy is amazing. We brought home way more than we took, yet somehow there's more empty space in the van than ever. It did seem like we were in the car all day - but besides the short delay getting out of Abbotsford at 4:00 on a Friday of a long weekend, the drive was only 5.5 hours. The rest was shopping and visiting with Diane and eating lunch. Nice to be in Canada and watch the CTV coverage of the games.