Day 18 - West Kelowna

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Submitted by brad on Sat, 08/04/2012 - 19:22
He Said: Went to the beach and the lake. There's a beach near here with a zip line out into the water and across the beach. The kids hung out there. Ryan's too young to do all of it, but there was a slide. Shannon's kin came along. Stayed there until late afternoon, then hung out around the house except for a walk to the dog park. Gillian is getting very confident, which is great. She figured out rowing the raft, conquered the zipline into the water, etc. I had my phone in the pocket of my bathing suit accidentally, and it still hasn't recovered. Can't seem to charge it up. That phone has not had a good life. Shannon doesn't feel like leaving, so we will probably impose and stay one more day. She Said: It's nice visitng the same place as last year to see what the kids can do that they couldn't do before. Mara loved the land zip-line too. Ryan wished he could do it. Next year. Ryan found a friend in a plastic lizard that had been left behind by someone else. He took it down the slide with him - side by side, climbed the ladder with him and even tried to teeter-totter with him. Shelley and I were tickled to watch him try to balance the lizard on the one seat while he ran to the opposite side and sit down himself. It was quite funny. He was very committed. We brought home Sushi for supper and watched more Olympics. Too bad it's so hot again. Crazy.