Day 7 - Xanadu

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Submitted by brad on Sat, 07/13/2013 - 09:42
He said:Today we puttered around. Ate late, left late, went up to our land to check it out. There seems to be large Moonie and Mormon establishments there, so I suppose there's no reason we can't form our own colony. Our land is nice, but a bit isolated. With all due respect to our neighbours up the hill who will someday read this site as we sit in the hot tub together...the first impression was a bit ghetto. Raspy voiced drinkers, ridden hard and put away wet. Shannon called 'em out for traipsing all over our lot. After that the kids and I hung out at the cabin while Shannon checked out the town, then we all went to the manmade private lake. Not a big fan of that. Fee to get in, no outside equipment allowed, fees to rent flotation devices, etc. And the bottom of the lake, about 10 feet out, was something else. Some sort of gooey, sludgy, foot sucking slop. But the kids had fun, I had fun with them, all was good. Then ice cream and back home for supper and Uno. Watched a lot of TV today, Nat Geo was playing Brain Games all day and everyone seemed to like that. She Said: Our land was nicer than I expected. Too bad the road there is not paved. Not much to say about the town. I chatted with the property manager that we rented this place through. I asked her about what kind of people live around here and especially Cedarpines Park where our land is. She was diplomatic and said only nice things, but her office mate heard me ask about the Mormon church and if you have to be Mormon to feel welcome there and she piped up and said "Yup". Moreso within a few blocks of the church (or temple, or whatever) but that there is a large population of LDSes around there. In general this is a commuter community. No real industry here except tourism and real estate. I was mostly just worried that it was the kind of place that people who want to escape from society would live. Anyway, we're not likely to develop the land anyway. Just interesting to find out about it.