Day 8 - San Bernardino

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Submitted by brad on Sun, 07/14/2013 - 00:50
He Said:It's late and I'll keep it brief. Today was a scorcher. Burning hot. Any plans we had went out the window the first time we stepped outside. We briefly did a giant "swap meet" at a drive in theatre (sorry, "theater"). It was paring lot full of everything from 5 year old video games to lawnmowers to piles of underwear. It was too hot to mini golf so we killed a bit of time shopping, had lunch at In'n'Out (eh.), then went to Despicable Me 2 (also Eh). 5 people with popcorn/pop meals came to $60, so it's still cheaper than our neck of the words but a good distance. Theater was good, the popcorn in a bucket was a nice touch, the movie...bit slow. Then it was Barnes & Nobles for some activity books, a potpourri supper, and packing for tomorrow. Hoping to get out early. If I hadn't already bought Sea World tickets, I would skip it. Do a late checkout, go to the hotel by Dis, and veg at the pool. Ah well. Did I mention I've been making all the meals this week? Not bragging, not saying that somehow makes me a hero or a superman. Just providing some deets. She Said: So it made it to 100 degrees today in San Bernardino, but only low 80s in the mountains. Unfortunately we were in San Bernardino. The swap meet was weird. I don't know where the sellers get their stuff. Some of it is what you expect, garage sale kinda stuff, but the other stuff, the brand new car parts, and electronics, and work boots of all sizes, and clothing. Did it "fall off a truck"? Anwyay - too hot to hang around. Hard to believe we're out of here tomorrow. Thie kids are having fun and living up to stereotypical siblings. I have repeatedly advised Mara to not let Gillian bug her. "She only does that because it bugs you, so if you don't let it bug you she will stop". I seem to recall the same advice coming from my mom's lips about my brothers.