Day 9 - Crestline to Seaworld and Anaheim

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Submitted by brad on Tue, 07/16/2013 - 00:06
He Said:I found my son inching towards a fan on the floor with his pants down. "But Daaaad, my penis is flying!". Despite my first instinct to say "Cool! Let me try.", I managed to convince him it was a bad idea. Today we checked out of the cabin. Overall, nice week. Bit too long and a bit too isolated, I think. I think that's an investment property, not a keeper. Then we hit SeaWorld for the day. Relatively uneventful. Shamu's show was just alright, the sharks were just alright, etc. But perhaps it's just because I was waiting for Disneyland. Traffic was horrible, but we eventually made it. Our tickets don't kick in until tomorrow, but we took a nice walk in Downtown Disney, then I took the girls up on the roof of our hotel to see the fireworks. Tomorrow it begins. She Said: My husband showed amazing restraint today, twice. 1. He didn't enjoy the fan. 2. He didn't use one of our prepaid Disneyland admissions to go into Disneyland 2 hours before closing time. Sea World was OK but maybe we should have taken the kids to see some wild people instead and found the neighborhood where the violent protests were happening. Watching the local news I get a real sense that they are desperate to have the protests grow worse and bigger. The footage is just a couple dozen people running around knocking stuff over and tearing down the occasional fence. And they just keep showing it over and over. I almost think that it's just a few weirdos trying to keep the attention of the news helicopter by acting up when they notice them overhead.