Day 1 - Edmonton to Great Falls

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Submitted by brad on Sat, 06/28/2014 - 22:55
He Said: The day started out great. We woke up early and set straight to packing. The sun was out, the kids were happy; Shannon and I playfully teased each other about our packing idiosyncrasies and foibles. For a moment, I thought I even saw sparrows carrying our luggage to the van. And that's how I choose to remember that. We got out around 10 I'd say, managing to fit everything into the back of the van. Well, back and roof. We'll see how long that lasts. We drove to Calgary, kids were great, then we stopped at what we thought was the pinnacle of all things fast food - a McDonald's/Taco Del Mar/EDO Japan combination restaurant and drive-thru. We were practically salivating at the idea. But it turned out to just be a strip mall with questionable signage and an extra long McDonald's drive-in. Then it was on to Fort MacLeod for a quick bladder break. We played car games, I amazed Shannon by reading her mind not once, but twice. We're so in sync. Ryan invented his own car game. "ok, there's a guy who asks questions and there's the dude. And if you answer the question then I'm the dude...and so...umm...what comes from a cow and - ok I'll give you the first letter - what comes from a cow and starts with M?" He's trying, that's the important part. He even, out of the blue, thanked Shannon for packing snacks. Then we continued on to Great Falls around 7 where we had a surprisingly great supper at Café Rio. Currently I'm waiting for Gillian, Mara and Shannon to return from Target, without worrying that they've been gone near two hours. I was already planning out my panicked phone call home, and figured - eh. I'll do this instead. Ryan's asleep and - op - there they are. Gotta go. Tomorrow I need to figure out if we're going to buy a Telus roaming plan, or get a cheap burner phone. She Said:On the advice of my friend I'm going to not be grumpy this trip. Apparently there was a prevailing tone last year. I promise I will try not to complain. Hm I guess that leaves me with nothing to say. I'll just say that I spent an hour trying on bathing suits. It can only get better from here.