Day 2 - Great Falls To Billings

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Submitted by brad on Mon, 06/30/2014 - 01:41
He Said: Ryan learned air quotes. That's all I can remember right now. As in 'I "like" to eat poo. That means I really don't.' Was there anything else...In the morning I had breakfast and "dropped the kids off at the pool". Then we spent the morning at the hotel pool <bah dum dum>. The kids could spend all day in there. Around lunch, after a trip to the park, we hit the road for Billings. 3.5 hours today. I never remember the hotels the next time I plan a trip to the same place, so I'll mention it's the Quality Inn. S'alright. Separate bedroom which is nice. Last good bed before the tent. The Comfort Inn last night provided a rollaway cot for G but failed to point out that there was nowhere in the room to fit it. I had to do some major redecorating. This one's better, if you ignore the house fire down the street. And shards of foot piercing glass in the carpet. Turns out, they have a drive-in here which, as any faithful reader knows, is on my bucket list. Plus, it was playing How To Train Your Dragon 2 and Maleficent. Long story short - it didn't start 'til 10, Ryan fell asleep, and we left around midnight when HTTYD2 was over. Shannon and I sat outside, the kids sat in the car, there were a couple spits of rain, but overall a beautiful night. Bucket list shortened. Now I just have to eat a giant steak in Texas and I'm done. I'm not a complicated man. I think Ryan is going to pop up often in these stories and my kids may read these some day, so I'll mention that all of them have been great; please don't take it personally. He's just at that age. You're all featured in earlier years...I hope. Oh - when I'm dead, Gillian's going to come to my grave and drink a Coke. We decided that was better than flowers. Or that root beer I had as a kid that you can't get anymore that some places in the states still have (Hires). She remembered. It's sweet. She Said:We have been to Great Falls a number of times now, but we've never seen any falls. Could have had lunch at Ryan Dam yesterday, but it was so windy a picnic would have been quite unpleasant. So windy I wondered why anyone was outside at all. Miss Mara is watching me type this. She just woke up (in Billings) to tell us to turn the TV down. She says that the drive-in movie experience was good. So much so that she'd rather go to a drive-in than a movie theatre next time. Time to go get our "free" breakfast, spend 2 hours in the pool and then hit the road again. 5.5 hours today. Then tenting for three days, cabin for one night and then a hotel for July 4th. That's the plan.