Day 11 - Livingston

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Submitted by brad on Wed, 07/09/2014 - 00:54
He Said: Took our time getting out this morning, Played some more games, did some laundry. It was mostly an attempt to stall until the people in the deluxe cabin left, so we could try to get it early. I really didn't want to pack everything. We saw a ferret wandering around. Not sure if he's a local. Today we tried Bozeman. The children's museum was tiny and had apartments over it, but the kids still had fun. I swear, a few boxes, a bunch of plastic food, maybe a bubble maker or two, and they're golden. We should get one in Edmonton. Then we wandered. For Montana, this place seems surprisingly like I'd expect Portland to be. Hippies. Cyclists, record shops, local theatre, people with giant earlobe discs. Hippies. We also made a trip to the fabled American Computer Museum, which was a bit odd. Still, I like computers and they have a great history there. The we capped the day off with a BBQ in our deluxe cabin and a fire into the evening. All in all, a great time. Mara burnt her finger in the fire. Pretty decent blister. Felt bad for her. I only mention it here in case she ever asks when that happened. For some reason the internet is working tonight so I'm going to get this in quick then try to book a hotel for tomorrow. She Said:Bozeman is the town that Ted Turner lives just outside of. He owns a restaurant called Ted's Montana Grill too. I was telling the kids who he is when we were sitting around the fire last night. We talked about big dreams and small dreams. Ted Turner wants to make the world a better place. Chris Hatfield wanted to be an astronaut since he was 11. Daddy wanted to work for Lucas Films. Mommy just wanted to have kids. Brad managed to tie that in to "Mommy also likes hiking and we upset her with all our complaining yesterday". They seemed surprised and apologized. What a team we are. Bozeman had about 5 art galleries within 2 blocks. I took a peek in a few and was quite impressed. Not a tchotchke to be seen. The computer history was quite well done as far as completeness of information. Not a fun interactive environment for the kids though so it was hard to read it all. Brad took many pictures, so we can read it later. Apparently Al Gore was instrumental in getting access to the internet for all in the US. So sometimes people think he created the internet. Does anyone know who was instrumental in getting the internet for all in Canada? Me neither. But maybe Al Gore gets credit for that too. Weird. We went to Mackenzie River Pizza Co. for lunch. It's the chain restaurant that we liked in Great Falls. We thought it was a local place and were disappointed it was a chain. But it is only 20 years old, so maybe when we first went there about 14 years ago it was a local place. Well - good for them. Ha. It's really good pizza. I had a thin crust Thai Pie. Nummy. Brad made surf and turf at our deluxe cabin. Crab legs, steak and Caesar salad. Just small portions as we were all quite full from lunch. I let the kids get some twigs glowing red hot in the fire and swing them around in the dark. I told them about the oil-soaked Cat-o-nine-tails we used to swing around the bonfires when I was growing up. How come we never set the dry Saskatchewan prairie on fire Mom?