Day 10 - Livingston

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Submitted by brad on Mon, 07/07/2014 - 10:48
He Said:Yeah, it was a bit hot in the cabin. To be fair we are using sleeping bags on the beds because we didn't pack sheets. Still like it. It did cool off. High 30s to low 10s. I'd be willing to stay another day or two, even upgrade to the deluxe cabin (AC., BBQ, TV). But then I'd be willing to see Old Faithful tomorrow, pop down to Idaho, then Salt Lake, with a quick jog to Vegas. If I don't get a decent crab and shrimp buffet soon I'm going to lose it. Shannon summed up today below pretty well. I don't have much to add. Had a great time playing games with the kids all morning. They saw a snake in the grass and spent a good half hour pursuing it. There's also a baby bunny around. All in all, this is a great place. Some weirdo tried to put his camera tripod in the water of the indoor pool itself for "like streetview". He asked me for Ryan's permission, and he asked everyone else for theirs, but he never asked me. So I held up the tube whenever he announced he was snapping. We like it here so much we decided to stay to cancel Butte and book a night next door at the deluxe cabin. She Said:Leisurely morning. Played Dutch Blitz with Gillian. Kicked her butt!! After lunch we found a hike up to a waterfall. About a mile. It was nice. Not the kids first choice, and they grumbled and I took it personally. They had fun, the girls just weren't willing to let mommy know that because they wanted to go in to town and do something "fun" like go to an arcade. Makes me want to take them to the mountains every weekend and force them into loving it! Is that okay? We went into Livingston for supper. We were quite early so a few places hadn't opened yet and th ones that were open had things like quinoa and lentil salad with peach-basil ice cream for dessert. So we went to Subway with the bikers and the hippies. Saw an ad for Sharknado starring Jared the subway guy! What a world we live in. Pool after supper was nice. Ryan played "I'm gonna get you" with a bored 18 yr old and some guy was taking pictures for Street View and asked our permission to use our blurred images in the photos. So if he really was who he said he was then cool. I get to be on Street View again! If not then some creep has pictures of my family. Hm. We all slept great because of the hike.