Day 3 - Billings to Hill City (Mt Rushmore)

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Submitted by shannon on Tue, 07/01/2014 - 18:32
She Said:Long long long day. Only a 5.5 hour drive but it took us 8. Did the pool in the morning, stopped at Home Depot on an errand, new shoes at the sporting goods store for Gillian and out of Billings by 12:00. Stopped to "pee", then for lunch at a Mexican/Burger place - He probably remembers what they were called. This time it really was a single drive-thru that let you order from either menu. We went inside though. They also had Frozen Custard. This brought up the obvious question - "What's the difference between frozen custard and ice cream". There was no internet connection so we couldn't look it up. It was like the dark ages! My guess (remembering Junior High Home Ec class), was that frozen custard has egg yolk in it. But it seems to me that when I made homemade ice cream once, it also had egg in it. It kinda makes sense that ice cream came about because somebody froze custard. So here's a link to the answer and it also contains the legal definition of gelato too. I've also wondered about that. If you don't want to link then Ice Cream=Milk and Cream, Custard=Ice Cream+Yolk, Gelato=Milk. They're all darn tasty! We found a book store after lunch and got a few things there. Then when we were only 45 minutes away from the KOA campground there was road construction. The kind where they reduce it to one lane and only let one direction go at a time. Eesh! Ended up at campsite just before 8 and set up in gale force winds. We were not prepared for chilly weather. The kids hung out in the vehicle while He and I set up the tent. I'm writing this at 5:31 on Day 4 in the Laundromat. It seems to be one of the only places that has a decent internet connection. Dark Ages!! He Said: As I write this I am showered, clean, and luxuriating in an air-conditioned room 4 days into the future; in all its full wifi glory. It is very difficult for me to make sense of, or even fathom, my state of mind before the dark days. Let me check my notes: <Day 3> We are still 3 days from base camp. Wilkinson, ever the optimist, foresees no issue. I shall eat him first. - Woops, wrong notes. Umm, let's see...we drove all day. ALL day. Stopped at a Hastings where I missed out on, and shall ever regret, Ting Ting Tongs and Bacon Bowls. There was horrible construction on one winding hillside stretch where it appeared they had torn out the entire road. I've never seen "time remaining" go up on a GPS. Wind bad, neighbours suspicious, KOA beautiful. On to the next day.