Day 8 - Rapid City

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Submitted by brad on Sun, 07/06/2014 - 09:02
He Said:Today was another scorcher. I believe it hit 37 degrees. We went to this free park called storybook island which, all things considered, was pretty nice. Lots of displays of various nursery rhymes. Kids can climb on them, slides, trains, etc. They had a magic show there, a scaled down freeish ($1) version of the one I had considered seeing in Custer. Ryan got picked to volunteer. Again, the dad in me feels bad for G and M, waving their hands and not getting picked, but that's how it goes. He's the right age. G used to get picked when she was younger too. Ryan has zero patience for their games, though. Any of that "where? huh? behind me? did you say behind?" and he'll stand right up and start screaming "IT'S IN YOUR HAND!!! LOOK AT YOUR HAND!!!" Yet, very shy when called up. Then it got even hotter and we came back to the hotel. We were both pretty tired from the previous week of camping and the heat still so we didn't do much. Shannon is just getting over being sick, Gillian is still sick and Mara is just starting to be sick, so nobody had that much energy. For awhile there we vegetated in the bedroom while the kids watched a completely age inappropriate Wolverine and ate frozen dinners from the Wal-Mart next store. Oddly enough, what we consider one of our bad parenting days, the kids consider one of our best. Then we hit the pool for awhile and off to supper. Followed by Pirate Mini Golf later in the evening. All in all, a nice relaxing day. Oh, and they literally have Coke with my name on it here! That's still one of the differences between the US and Canada. I assume mostly due to the sheer difference in population. "Sure, let's issue bottles with random names on them, someone will walk by and buy it". Everything from Alejandro to Brad to Emily to Lucas. Tomorrow we plan to do a long drive to the Livingston Montana KOA. If it's anything like the last one, we won't have internet for a while. She Said:Why is it so hot here? I try to get used to it but I just can't. Karen you would love it. I am not Karen.