Day 9 - Rapid City to Livingston

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Submitted by brad on Sun, 07/06/2014 - 09:04
He Said:I'll pre-emptively say - We drove a lot. Yep. Through nothing no less. Single lane highway not a town, gas station, person for miles with nothing til the reservation; and that was basically one store with an awful bathroom. Had planned to stop for a couple hours but the only area was a concrete park with no table and a dead bird, in 34 degree heat. We stayed long enough to pick up a van full of flies, then stopped later in Billings for sushi and a play area. Where I won an amazing prize from those normally scam ticket games. The KOA is gorgeous. It must've been a private campground at some point. Tiny but trees, cool, right on the shores of a river. A fast flowing, engorged river, but river nonetheless. I'm glad we canceled the hotel. Its an instant community for the kids. Straight out of the van and into the playground. Kids riding their bikes in the road while parents sit on porch swings. The cabin is a bit warm but not horrible. The WiFi cuts out about 3 feet from our cabin. She said:Brad was so aware of the lack of anything around. Kept pointing out how easy it would be to ditch a dead body. Wouldn't even have to bury it. Nobody would notice for decades. Made me a little nervous. Hm. How do I prove this me is really me writing and not Brad pretending after he's done the deed. Mom, remember that time dad lost his glasses at the lake when he dove in to help, um, was it Michael? Or Phil? Darn my memory isn't good enough.