Day 14 - Seattle to Marysville

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Submitted by brad on Sat, 07/11/2015 - 03:06
He Said:Drove up to the Tulalip factory outlets, to a much nicer Best Western Plus. I hung out at the hotel with Ryan (and wrecked my phone, cripes) while S, G, and M hit the shops. That was pretty much the day, followed by a quick jaunt down to Everett for our requisite PF Chang's visit. That's about it. I was looking forward to the factory outlets this trip given my recent weight loss, but I'm not really in the mood anymore given all that's happened. Plus I'm still not quite there. I'm '34" waist depending on the brand, cut, and how stretchy they are', not '34" waist'. I suppose I could buy optimistically on the assumption I'll get there, but then I'm just guessing and it's not that great a sale. The burial's been set for Friday at 10; we'll keep heading home for that. She Said:Tulalip was alright. One time it would be nice to have more than 2 hours to actually shop. Also would be better without kids whining every time they weren't the focus of attention for more than 15 seconds. Still managed to spend more than $300 on back to school clothes for them. I did manage to get a few things I needed, but only because it was at the same store and the discount was better for buying a second item. Oh well, this is what's happening in my life now. PF Chang's has such great food! My kids could care less. I picked the tamest things I could find (no curry, spicy sauce, or even cilantro) and they still found a reason to turn their noses at it. I stuffed my face with lobster fried shrimp. mmmmmm. Stopped for milkshakes at Carl's Jr for dessert. We packed light so I end up doing at least 1 load of laundry every other night. Tonight was beiges. Yay.