Day 15 - Marysville to Bellingham

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Submitted by brad on Tue, 07/14/2015 - 23:56
He Said: I've kind of lost my motivation for this but I think Shannon'd like to continue, so apologies for delay and the lack of levity. Today I hit the factory outlets while Shannon and the kids hung out at the pool, but I just wasn't in the mood for it. Mood aside I'm not quite there; I'm kind of still interim. 36" waists and XL shirts are swimming on me now, but 34" pants and L shirts still have a bit too much gut bulge I got a tentative offer this vacation for a trip to Vegas in November. If we can swing it, maybe I'll be ready by then. The girls made out good at the outlets, though. After I was done I made a stop at a bakery I'd heard of for a couple of their local specialties, then it was off to Bellingham. I can't remember if I said it yesterday, but this Marysville Best Western was gorgeous. I highly recommend it. Wish we could stay a couple days. Anyway. Bellingham is Bellingham. There was a queen bed and TWO couch beds in the main area, which the kids loved. Other than that it was largely uneventful. Largely uneventful except for me walking into the pool with my phone in my pocket. Cripes. Other than that - it's hot, but not as hot, we're tired, the kids are not fans of driving every day, and we're all getting a little worn down. It'll be nice to get into Kelowna. I'm starting to think we might not make it back in time for the service. I'd pinned a lot of "rejuvenation" and "childhood memories" hopes on this trip, and we're all getting pretty worn down. We've all been sick. What kept me going was getting back to Kelowna and having time with Gillian at one of those rope places, having time with Ryan, with Mara - just having time. I'm not ready to go back to real life. Driving 10 hours back...I'm not ready for it. She Said:Hanging out at the pool was nice because nobody else was there for most of it. Getting out of the pool and getting the kids showered and changed was an adventure. We were using the change room next to the pool because we had already checked out of the room. None of the kids wanted to shower so it was a It seems we left behind some pool toys. Those things you throw in that sink and you have to retrieve them. The kids like playing a game they made up with them. We will have to remember to get more. Bellingham was no different than Marysville really. I went for a nice 5k walk. Got some wild raspberries and blackberries. Or wait, was that yesterday in Marysville. Hm, I honestly can't remember. Yes, Bellingham, because the Costco was right across the street. Staying in the Best Western right near the shopping centres is quite mind numbing. Everything looks the same. These 2 days were not my favourite, but trying to make the best of it. Kelownwa will be nice.