Vacation 2017 Day 02 - Kelowna

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Submitted by brad on Thu, 07/13/2017 - 01:07

He Said: Kelowna! Today we went to rotary/gyro beach.  It's still heavily flooded, but usable. The kids were interested in all the roots exposed in the water.  We'll have to check back in a couple weeks and see if it's receded. At the beach we started to see smoke coming from a building along with what sounded like every siren in town.  It was a multi-story building across the lake. It progressively grew worse, with flames on the roof, then seemed to dye down to white smoke.  As we pulled out of the parking lot, though, we noticed it was ablaze.  The whole thing collapsed (it was unoccupied, thankfully). 

Then we hung out at P&S's for lunch, followed by a trip with them to a picnic in....I forget.  Some place south of Peachland.  Kids had fun, Shannon had good conversation, and that was that.

She Said: We've stayed in Kelowna enough times now that we actually have some routines. Going to Gyro Beach first thing in the morning and leaving before it gets too hot and too busy is one of them. Watching a building burn down added something new this time. Amazing how fast everything happened. Glad to hear nobody was injured. 

Picnic of A&W chicken was in Summerland. The flooding has certainly changed beach activities in the Okanagan, but the one we found was quite nice and it was a perfect, warm evening for it. Ryan needs some more swimming lessons, but he's finally eager to be in the water and play without fear.