Vacation 2017 Day 03 - Kelowna

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Submitted by brad on Thu, 07/13/2017 - 01:13

He Said:I'm not sure if this blog is all that entertaining anymore, and we considered not doing it this time, but we decided it was worthwhile if only for us to keep track of our trips.

Today was another relaxed day. P&Shan went to the driving range and I took the kids to the only garage sale we saw in West Kelowna. It said it was open Sunday at 9AM but after arriving, circling the house a few times and noting the person on the balcony, I pulled over to check the ad only to find it had been updated since we left the house to say there was NOT a garage sale there at 9AM, but xxxx Harbour Lane was having one. Which it wasn't. Wasted morning. We hung out at the house for most of the day. Mara and I picked up a new slip and slide. We played card games. P made burgers and potatoes for supper and I took the kids to Paynter's for ice cream.

She Said: Phil is a great golf coach! Except I wish I would have had his advice 20 years ago. Shelley was off to Toronto for work this morning so we hung out with Phil. The new Slip n Slide is much better than the old one that had the dragon thingy. This one has 3 lanes and it was fun watching each child's technique at it. It's HOT here.