Vacation 2017 Day 04 - Kelowna to Hell's Gate to Tulalip

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Submitted by brad on Thu, 07/13/2017 - 01:19

He Said: P&Shan hit the driving range one more time, then we hit the road and drove to Hell's Gate or another long driving day. The kids were pretty impressed with it. The tram was largely uneventful but they really liked the gold panning. And the ice cream. After that we headed to Tulalip. The Best Western in Marysville is our go-to and it is nice. Always liked that hotel. We tried a buffet in Bellingham that showed up on a yelp search for crab legs, but it was pretty low rent. Even the kids weren't impressed.

She Said: Starting to feel like a golfer on the driving range. If I only I could hit the ball! I was so happy that there was an alternative way down to Hell's Gate than the tram. It's not that I actually fear for my safety - I'm fine letting my family go on it - I just don't enjoy the anxiety and palm sweating and kids making fun of me. I can't seem to get over it, so I'd rather avoid it. It was an enjoyable 1 km walk down a wide gravel path. First real exercise I've had in a few days as well.Very nice. I know I went to Hell's Gate as a kid, but in my memory it was a much bigger place. Interesting to read it's history. Ryan managed to knock down an information board with a loud crash. To his defense it didn't take much to knock it down. He wasn't yanking on things and running around, he just touched it.