Vacation 2017 Day 06 - Great Wolf

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Submitted by brad on Thu, 07/13/2017 - 01:35

He Said:Today we hit the quests first thing. I'm disappointed in Great Wolf this trip. The kids bought the compass quest but the maps and items are for a different quest in a different hotel. They basically said "Ignore the maps, the items, and wave the wand at everything". Which sort of defeats the purpose of a quest. They say it happened during an update to the system. That's a situation that shouldn't last more than a couple hours, let alone days or weeks.

After that, we hit the water park. The kids are getting older. None of them are in the kiddie area. Ryan is a couple inches away from never needing a wristband again. They did the two or three waterslides a few times, the wave pool, and were ready to go. We changed and hit the arcade. It costs a lot to do the arcade and spending that much just to win tickets that get you a prize worth a fiftieth of what you spent, rankles me, but the kids love it. Gillian did awesome at this piano one (I'm only saying that to remind Shan for her She Said). I did win a cat and a pokemon and M won a soft ball shaped grump cat type stuffie. She was very gracious and offered it to G, since she already had one of the ones I won, but you could see she really wanted it because it was so soft and furry. I told her she didn't have to do that, and G took the one I won. Mara's a good kid.

I saw on the drive here, that there were open auditions to Wheel of Fortune only an hour away. After talking it over with the family, I decided to do that. I had a nap at 1, got up at 3, hit the road by 3:30, and was at the casino by 5. They did three shows (you had to leave, reapply, and go back in each time). At each show they randomly drew names, 5 at a time, for speed rounds which lasted roughly an hour. I did not end up getting drawn, but they did say they'd randomly draw a set of names from all the submissions, for a final audition in a couple of months; I may still get a call for that. It's a shame I didn't get up there, because there were some not too bright people there. Category: Show Biz, Puzzle: "-o- -office hit" and the person asked for a W. I stayed until 9, back at the hotel by 10. So I missed a day with the family, basically. They could have come and sat in the audience if it wasn't for the fact it was in a casino.

She Said: On the one hand it's nice that the kids are all big enough to do all the slides. And they're all excited to go on them instead of being scared (well, maybe Mara was a little scared - but she prefers the wave pool). On the other hand they were bored of it in 90 minutes. Back to the arcade where Gillian kicked but on the piano thing. I tried it and sucked. Her youthful reflexes were the advantage. Then more questing while Brad went to the Wheel of Fortune thing - which I'm the one who saw the billboard for BTW. Just sayin'. Maybe he'll get called as an alternate.