Vacation 2017 Day 07 - Great Wolf

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Submitted by brad on Tue, 07/18/2017 - 00:38

He Said:Today was more of the same. The kids weren't too keen on the waterpark to start, so they did some of their questing. Gillian and Mara went to the Ropes course, then to pedicures, while Ryan and I hung out at the hotel and did a bit of shopping. Then we all did a bit of shopping (just snacks at the Safeway), and ate at the hotel buffet. We were feeling pretty lumpy, but we managed to salvage the day with a trip to the waterpark. G, R and I had a killer game of water basketball. G, R and I stayed until it closed down at 9.

She Said: Yup. That's what happened. Oh - my legs were so sore from all the stairs yesterday that I could barely move without pain. Thank Advil for saving the day.