Vacation 2017 Day 14 - Kelowna

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Submitted by brad on Thu, 07/27/2017 - 17:23

He Said: I really waited too long to write these.  Today I, M, and R went horseback riding while S and G went golfing. M was excited as this was the first year she could ride herself, not tethered to the guide.  She wanted to do a trot the entire ride but Ryan didn't care for that (it hurt me  affair bit too). We'll have to go one time just her and I, so she can let 'er rip.  I think it was home for lunch, then Bamboo Chopsticks for supper (not a huge fan anymore - I don't like the noodles), and in to town. We went to the art gallery for their free games night, where we met our neighbours who were also in Kelowna.  People brought in a table full of board games, and you picked from those.  That was pretty fun.  There was one there called Gift Box, or Perfect Gift, that G enjoyed.  We also did a round of Taboo(ish). We stayed until they kicked us out.

She Said: Gillian and I golfed with a very nice older couple. They were very accommodating. I had a few good hits. My expectations were low because I haven't mastered my new and improved swing yet. Gillian did great! The games thing was neat. It was nice to meet up with the neighbours. Seeing other people than just us 5 is good once in a while. Feeling like a tourist again, walking through downtown Kelowna. It's quite lovely. Interesting shops and interesting people.