Vacation 2017 Day 13 - Kelowna

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Submitted by brad on Thu, 07/27/2017 - 17:19

He Said: Today we went to Wildplay, one of those places in the trees.  G did the regular course and kicked butt.  M tried it but found the clamps too hard to navigate and switched to the kids one with Ryan.  I did it last year and I was going to do it with Gillian again this year, but I didn't.  I really wanted to do the zip line course, but the rules stated there needed to be a guardian present, so I followed the kids around.

After that...we ate lunch at Costco and picked up a gift card for Sammy J's. I think the kids did some Slip n' Slide (we bought a new one to replace the old one), and then we went to Sammy J's and Spider-Man: Homecoming. Which was pretty good. The kids were cracking up; I don't usually hear them laugh out loud. It had the right mix of humour for them at least.

She Said: The rope course was good. Gillian impressed all the guides by how quickly and confidently she went through it. Mara and Ryan enjoyed the smaller one, but Ryan got to go through 2 extra times, which was 1 time too many and he got tired and kept getting stuck and well, it just didn't end well. Spider man was awesome! Funny and smart. Just like my husband - ha.