Day 14 - West Kelowna

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He Said: I took too long and now I've lost a day. Tuesday was superstore and the movie, so what was Wednesday? Hmm...oh right. We went to H20. Lazy rizer, wave pool, etc. Kids are all old enough to be mostly independent, except one of us has to be within arm reach of Ryan. I think he and M did the waterslides for an hour. G and M both tried the fake surfing. Man that thing can throw you hard. Today was Ryan's meal day and he made hamburgers (with a bit of help). He is getting better at the BBQ though. We had a great evening out in the field at the bottom of the hill. I'd bought some twirling whistling led rubber band launched fliers at the factor outlet (Ryan's idea) and we went down to use those. Great fun and we stayed out until dark. Well, after twilight. She Said: Wednesday we did the rec-centre. Called H2O. Good time. Kids spent an hour on the water slides. The girls tried the surf thingy. Ryan thought it would hurt. Burgers were good. Last year Ryan burnt his hand on the BBQ. This time he dropped the hit spatula on his foot. Might be turning him into a vegetarian.