Day 15 - West Kelowna to Pentiction and back

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Submitted by brad on Fri, 07/29/2016 - 10:10
He Said: Today we booted down to Loco Landing in Penticton. The kids like it there plus we had some unused punch cards from last year. Man it was a scorcher. Car said 30 degrees but it felt a lot hotter. Usual fare, we'll put some pics up. Kids had fun. Ryan had fun, and commented on how he only vaguely remembers it from before. All in all, I like talking with him. I know parents brag about their kids. I think I've established I'm not one to do that, I'm generally a realist, but there's something there. He uses words and has an understanding that goes a bit beyond. Always an interesting conversation. Had fun with M today too, playing around with some app that guesses your age and gender from your voice. I was demonstrating how I could close my eyes and guess her age and gender from just her voice, better than any machine. The power of the human brain! We ate at....Salty Pete's? Salty something. So-so. Bit overrated. Then it was home for steaks and being a bit of a lump. Well, we did go peach picking. Tried to see the space station pass overhead (9:27 according to the news), but no luck. Too low on the horizon from where we are, I think. Fifty bucks and a definite sign we were meant to be friends if you can tell me what I'd name the winery on Turner street...also used for comedic effect on Hanks....? She Said: Loco landing was good. Kids do more each time we go. And don't need us. :(. Well, until Ryan pinched a nerve or pulled a muscle in his neck. He was on the trampoline, but not even jumping. Just looking up and trying to knock the basketball free from the hoop it was stuck in. He doesn't react well to pain. Hard to calm him down to figure out how hurt he really is. Bribing with lunch and further play finally smartened him up. He's definitely injured but should be ok in a few days. Peach picking was at Paynters. It's nice there. The staff are great and friendly. It really does make a difference. The peaches were pretty good too.