Day 16 - West Kelowna

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He Said:I find it fascinating watching R's brain work. I felt the same with the other kids when they were that age too. I'm not playing favourites, he's just the one at that age on this trip. We were playing Password this morning. There are words he gets that I never thought he'd know (irritated) and words so simple I'd think he'd know (cable). And some thoughts out of left field. "A person that works at a newspaper or on tv, it's Clark Kent's job" R: An articlist! Ryan: Another word for when you defend yourself, like swipe your arms in karate (Block). Why that for Block? Why not building blocks, lego, the street? Today we did IHOP - very disappointing. I used to look forward to going there. Either their quality has gotten worse or I've outgrown mass quantities of cheaply made breakfast food. Please let it be the quality. PLEEASE let it be the quality. After that we hung around the house and went to Scandia. As Shannon says, it is pretty shoddy. Kids enjoy it though. Then we did the beach in the evening, which was great. It's getting harder to argue against moving to BC. Given how little I like to wear clothes, I fit in pretty good around here. I can wear trunks to the grocery store! And I can't use the NDP argument anymore. There is still the inflated housing prices, sales tax, and ridiculous gas prices. She Said: Yup. Kids are cool. Today we went to IHOP for breakfast. Gillian and I played 20 questions. She's like me when I play those games. Always trying to be obscure. Her picks were logo, flower petal and atmosphere. Brad and Ryan each have colds and Ryan has a stiff neck so we didn't do anything like rope adventure or horse back riding. We hung out here for the rest of the morning, then went to Scandia after lunch. I really hate that we have ever gone to arcades with the kids. I guess they have fun, but it's so awful. Scandinavia is old and smelly and falling apart. A third of the machines were out of order and a number of them ate our tokens. The machine that weighs the tickets is shy by about 5%. The crap that you win is all crap. After a supper of leftover steak, burgers and spaghetti, we went to the beach here in west Kelowna. Nice. Warm evening. Lots of people there. Gillian enjoyed the water the most. Did hand stands. Mara and Ryan built sand structures. Ice cream at Paynters afterwards. Brad dropped us off and went to pick up his hat.