Day 03 - Kelowna

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Submitted by brad on Sun, 07/17/2016 - 09:36
He Said: Today we hit Scandia. If you've never been to Kelowna, it's this place they built in the 80s and then never sunk a dime into again. Ever. It's where arcades go to die. It's where - eh. The kids enjoy it. Two mini-golf courses. If you overlook the broken castle doors, missing posts, holes in the greens and divots polished by wear to the traction of smooth glass, they're actually pretty average. Similarly the arcade's alright if you over look 30 years of screen burn in, a total lack of windows or lighting, and losing every other token. There's a party room in the back playing some video that has to be VHS, with some song they must've commissioned in their heyday, next to a robot that is most definitely NOT Chuck E. Cheese. Nope. Not him, not even remotely sue-ably close. But it's easy to be snarky. I've never been a huge fan of that style of writing. Anything can be mocked, chided, or derided. All in all, it was another great day. I enjoyed golfing with the kids. They're all getting markedly better, G especially. The kids enjoyed spending $50 to earn enough tickets to someday buy a pack of cards if they pool together. And we all played a round of Pacman Battle Royale, as a family. Minus Shannon. She was hanging with Phil! (his name always gets an exclamation point. Sorry Shell). Other highlights - I came upstairs to hear Mara telling Phil the magic trick I taught her when we were here last year. She did it wrong, but it was the story. Last year they were big on math based card tricks (i.e. no trick at all) but they had no presentation. I made up some stories to go with them. I'm positive we haven't mentioned them since, but there she was reciting it. "And they put everyone on three busses...". Made me happy. We had a moment together last year and it's still in there, rattling around her brain. That's why I love vacation. I know I should be able to have those moments all year, not just 23 days out of 365, but I'm working on it. Then it was our traditional Sushi supper but at a new place. I went on an errand drive, the kids and mom had fun, and that was that. She Said:I'm glad my kids have a dad who likes to take them to places like Scandia. I think. I don't enjoy them. But Ryan is old enough now so it's easier for 1 parent to take all 3 of them out. Brad is also much more fun than I am. All I see are things to say "no" to. It's too expensive. It's not well made. Too much sugar. Bah, humbug! So, while Brad had "fun" with the kids - I got my brother to take me to the driving range and give me some tips for this year. Last year it was changing my swing from a back-to-front shift of weight to more of a coiled spring. This year it was about hitting it harder. So it was basically changing everything from my grip to my follow-through. Lots to think about at once, but I'm a quick study. Can't wait to get back to Kelowna so I can practise what I've learned. With slightly chillier weather, we got to hang out inside all afternoon and play games, be the audience for the kids' magic tricks and have a nice relaxing, lazy, summer vacation day. And eat and eat and eat! The sushi was just about the best I've ever had. They had many, many, "specialty" Maki rolls. I'm sure sushi purists will disagree with the fact that there is something even called the Canuck. But everything is so creative, and tasty and beautiful. We had one called a Dragon Roll and on the plate it looked like a ceremonial dragon. And it tasted great. We will have to start saving up for next year. It's definitely not a cheap family dinner.