Day 04 - Kelowna

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He Said: This one's in progress - I'll get back to you. So far, the kids got up at 6:22. Shannon & G went golfing with Shell, M and R are watching Netflix, and I'm in the bedroom. No word yet on Phil! (if you don't get that, see day three) I'll keep you posted. Today I went to the beach with M & R while S & G went golfing. I find it hard to just say 'ok' to the kids. "Can we go to the beach?" Well it looks chilly, and it might rain, and mom is only a couple more hours..."Can you build a sand castle with me?" Well I'm blowing up the raft, then I need to gather all our shoes, find the sunscreen, check if mom texted..."Do you want to go in the raft with me?" Well the water's cold, I don't know if it's safe to leave our stuff, and... I tried instead to say "Ok". Once committed, it's easy enough to do and we had fun. Other than that I don't have much to say. Nice visit, bung out, napped, ate cherries. More delicious food courtesy of Shel, and that's pretty much it. She Said:Such a perfect morning for golf! We did the "Back Nine and Breakfast". Thanks Shelley! I need more practise at the driving range though. Right now my swing is quite inconsistent. But it was a lovely walk and great breakfast. My kids all got lessons in appreciating their choices. Gillian was wishing she was at the beach with the others, for example. Nothing worse than missing out on what's happening where you are now, by wishing you were somewhere else. Live in the moment - people! The sun was out this afternoon, so the Slip & Slide was finally appropriate. Got some great pictures. More great food. Pulled pork, made with chicken. Ryan had trouble wrapping his head around that. I accidentally stepped on Daisy who had snuck up behind me when I was cleaning up the yard. Sorry Daisy. I tried to pat her head later to show my remorse. She backed away. I've never been a dog person and am usually annoyed by their insistence on invading my space and trying to get my attention. But it kinda hurts my feelings that she isn't doing that any more.