Day 05 - Kelowna to Nanaimo

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He Said: Today was another long drive to get to the ferry. I tried to book a spot two weeks ago and it was already full, so we had to take our chances on the first come first served. Much as the hippy, braided, smelly BC lifestyle offends my Ward Cleaver nature, I gotta hand it to them for the 120km/h roads. We rolled in about 11 and just made the 12:50 ferry overflow. The kids have never done a ferry before and were suitably excited. I don't have much to say about this day. After we reached Nanaimo I went on a professional call while the rest of the family went over to a friend of mine's where we stayed the night. It was great to see her again after all these years and the hospitality was much appreciated. Tomorrow - Great Wolf! She Said:It was basically the kids' first time on a ferry on the ocean. They lost interest in it quite quickly. More interested in the gift shop and arcade of course. When we were on the deck, I was always worried that my glasses were going to fly off my head and plunge into the ocean. It was an irrational fear, but it made me conscious of which way the wind was hitting my face while I was close to the edge. Nanaimo is kind of a small town (everything closes at 5 and downtown is 2 blocks) but it also services many other communities, so there's an auto-mile of Mercedes, BMW, Honda, Mitsubishi etc. Everywhere we travel I imagine myself living there. I definitely liked the climate. Not sure I like the hassle of the Ferry system, and the traffic nightmares going into Victoria (so I've heard). Brad's friends have a lovely home and we had a nice time. Simon took us to a little lagoon to look for sea critters. The tide was coming in though so there wasn't much more than little crabs. There were thousands of them though. It was kinda cool.