Day 3 - West Kelowna

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Submitted by brad on Tue, 07/19/2011 - 00:24
He said: Started out planning to take the kids to the EnerPlex, but it turned out to be closed on Sunday.  Shannon stayed home with Ryan, and Phil came with us.  Headed instead to Kelowna's second greatest attraction, Scandia.  The min golf was alright.  A couple buildings, a couple undergound pipes. Gillian, Calvin, and Phil managed to get a hole in one. I went the other way. Phil ended up being the big victory, followed by Calvin, myself, Gillian and Mara.  Then we hung around a bit and did the games.  No disrespect to Scandia, but I dislike places like that.  The kids don't quite get that it's just a cash grab, but if I spend any money there collecting tickets,I feel like a sucker. Choosing to willingly spend money to play a video game is one thing. Feeling obligated to throw money into a randomized coin collecting machine that may or may not spit out 1/100th of the tickets needed to get a plastic comb, is another.  We then stopped at Costco to pick up some steaks and corn. There was a quick trip to the liquor store to show my love for Shannon, andanother amazing meal.The weather held up pretty well.

She said: Ryan didn't join them on the adventure because at 10:00 he decided to have a nap and make up for missed sleep.  So, Shelley and I solved all the worlds problems and drank coffee for 4 hours.  The usual topics of design ideas, recipes, annoying husbands, Dr. Phil and Oprah, and family.  Edema in my foot again and ice packs and being waited on were on order for me.  The steaks, corn on the cob and Cakebread (wine from my hubby) were fantastic!  Very tough to have bad steaks and cheap wine in the near future.  Shelley made 2 fantastic salads and we all learned how to pronounce Quinoa.