Day 4 - West Kelowna

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Submitted by brad on Tue, 07/19/2011 - 00:32
He said: I took the kids to a local school park, Shannon stayed home, and Calvin went wakeboarding with Phil and a friend.  The kids and I then drove around in our annual quest for the 7/11 free slurpee.  Probably spent $20 in gas, but mission accomplished  Calvin had a great time wakeboarding, apparently.  Then we went for a picnic at another beach, joined by everyone and a friend of Phil's.  The girls and Ryan had a great time in the inflatable raft, Ryan particularly. I'd float him up and down past the rock, near the ducks,and back.  There were 'incidents' related to the spider infested creepy outhouses,but overall not bad. Then it was home for leftovers, \i think another slip n'slide appearance, and thus ended Day 4. We decided we would try to head to the states after all. Calvin is lacking a passport, but he has his brith certificate and health care card, which we're hoping is enough.  There's a passport office in Surrey that will do it in 24hrs, so that's our next stop.

She said: Shelley had to work so I gave myself a pedicure and read a book.  Bordie convinced me that the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo got better after the first 200 pages so I gave it a shot.  Seems to me if a book takes 200 pages to get interesting then you can just skip the first 200 pages.  Shelley supplied me with a nail polish that closely matched the greyish purple of the nail I'm going to lose - so now it doesn't look out of place.  I remembered learning that it's your calf muscles that work to move fluids and blood back up from your feet so I tried to walk around more and flex and point my foot while sitting.  No more being waited on :-(.  Swelling greatly reduced.  Hurts alot when I accidentally bend my toe for balance, but getting better. I survived when Mara backed out of the above mentioned spider infested outhouse in a panic and stomped squarely on my broken toe.  Thanks to Shelley for coming up and injecting some calmness into the chaos. So glad that Calvin is having fun.  I was worried that he would be bored and feel like "the babysitter", but he's doing some things he's never done on this trip and he's reallly liking Phil and Shelley's hot tub.