Day 5 - West Kelowna to Surrey

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Submitted by brad on Tue, 07/19/2011 - 01:13

He said:  We packed up, in the rain, and headed out. In the rain.  Stopped at Abbottsford to visit Diane. Shannon and the kids stayed there, while Calvin and I ran in to get a passport photo and try for a passport. We made it through the prescreening, things were going well, then they said the Alberta Health Care Card didn't count. Something about a lack of signature. They suggested he get a bc leraner's or just try going to the border and see.   Dejected, we returned to Abbottsford for Chinese food, which partially undejected us.  Every hotel in town seemed sold out so, while Shannon visited, I spent the night on the computer.  Finally found a Holiday Inn in Surrey, near the passport office. It was actually quite nice.  It also occurred to me, long after check in, that copies of ID are acceptable and we could get her mom to scan in his SIN card. We decided it give it one more try in the morning. The anticipation was palable. It was like the night before the night before the night that you start thinking about the night before Christmas.  Calvin was worried he had ruined the trip.  I tried a reassuring "yeah, you kinda did", but it wasn't helping. Only Shannon could possibly mend this situation. I'm sure, much like her peeling, discoloured, and slightly malodorous toe, she could knit us back together over the course of 5-6  weeks.

She said: Thanks so much to Phil and Shel for accommodating us and our last minute confirmation, addition of Calvin and showing up a day early.  I'm sure they are happy for the peace and quiet they are now enjoying. Such fantastic hosts. I don't know if I can go back to my "just peanuts" peanut butter.  Jif is simply the best peanut butter ever made.  Calvin is grateful for the time Phil spent "fixing" his iPod.  Thanks also to Diane for letting us bring our chaos on short notice to her home. It was nice to finally meet her grandson who's the same age as Ryan. Thanks to Cameron for sharing your toys!  Such a nice family!