Day 6 - Surrey to Everett

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Submitted by brad on Tue, 07/19/2011 - 01:25

He said:  We got up early, what with all the aforementioned palpable anticipation and all.  Or maybe it was due to our wonderful, charming kids who never sleep past freakin' 6:30. Either way, we were up.  We packed, got his SIN sent to the hotel, and headed out. His SIN is unsigned (note to self: copyright 'his sin is unsigned' for future band), but we decided to try anyway.  I sent Shannon in this time, to work her feminine wiles.   She was out 3 minutes later.  Unfortunately, still no passport.  Disappointed, but stoically hiding it behind a facade of loathing and disgust, I soldiered on. We went to the Vancouver aquarium. It rained mildly, but not too badly. The kids enjoyed seeing the fish, and the butterfly tropical area.  There was a beluga whale show that we waited quite some time for, only to find out that the 'show' was telling us how horrible we were for generating 'climate change' that will ultimately destroy these poor creatures, while the creatures lay there. Literally lay there. One turned around a couple times, but I can see Ryan do that anytime I want by going 'doo doo dooby dooby doo'. And he doesn't smell like fish.  I'd like my fries without a side of sanctimonium, please.  Calvin did one of those penny presses. Those things are everywhere. It's insane. Different patterns, different holder books.  All for only $1.  After the aquarium, we decided to give the border a try.

Oh, and the Orkin man! I forgot the Orkin man!  There's an Orkin truck on the corner of Phil's crescent, that acts like a marker for his street. When we pulled into Diane's the other day, the Orkin truck was in her parking lot.  I made a joke about it. Then today, when we completely randomly decided to hit the border, in a completely random line, the car beside us moved and there was...the Orkin man! He's following us, I know it.

Anyway. We tried the border, the customs officer looked, said "next time you need a passport", and that was it. We were in.  Good luck getting out, but we were in.  Calvin was ecstatic.  We stopped and got some U.S. money, then it was on to the closet place we could think of, near the factory outlets with the P.F. Chang's.  We had P.F. Changs, checked into the hotel, and that day was done.

She said:  Yup - that's what happened.