Day 7 - Everett to Seattle

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Submitted by brad on Wed, 07/20/2011 - 00:25

He said: Drove into Seattle in the morning. Still raining. Parked at the needle.Parking around Seattle seems soooo cheap. $8, $10 dollars.  Maybe that's not considered downtown.Took the kids to the children's museum.  They played, frivolity was had, Shannon almost got arrested trying to sneak in without a kid, and we moved on.  Ryan really liked the toy ride-on cars, and some lady kept obliviously yanking them away from him for her kid.  We had lunch at the food court with everyone going their separate way, then it was on to the Needle.  Gotta say, not that impressive and unbelievably expensive for what you get.  I swear Calgary's feels taller.  Maybe that's because there are hlills with homes on them around the Seattle one. Doesn't have quite the same impact when you look out the window of the tower and see a house. Things just didn't feel small or distant.  The elevator ride was cool-I could see our van.  Plus I think Calvin enjoyed the trip, but he's just killing time until he gets to hit some drums.  This whole trip was sold to him on the promise of jammin' on the drums.  We souvenir-shopped, then head to the hotel which happened to be very close.  Very close, nice enough lobby, but dated.  After check in Calvin and I walked the couple blocks back to the EMP (experience music project).  It's shrunken a bit I think, and added a sci fi section.  I think he enjoyed playing the different instruments. There's areas where you can just go in and jam or practice to a computer lesson plan.  We also went to Walgreen's and bought a frozen pizza for supper, courtesy of the oven in our room. Hellooo, frugality.

Oh, and then around 2AM a hooker showed up at our door.  Well a nasty, old, haggard looing women in a tight skirt and top with what appeared to be a very long cigarette in her hand, showed up knocking on our door going "hey, it's me. I'm here", in a gravelly voice not unlike Moe Siszlak.  I told her she had the wrong room, but the knocking returned a couple times, so I eventually called the front desk to report her.  They were kind enough to check it out, and even kinder enougher to call us back at 2:15 am, ringing the incredibly loud room phone, to inform us they had resolved the situation.

And I'm pretty sure the bed gave me bedbugs. 

She said: Childrens museum was cool-ish.  We've been to enough of them now to have higher standards.  The kids got some excercise and I got some good Seattle coffee.  Souvenir shopping was long and tedious and some 12 yr old girl was kind enough to check that we were actually in the line up to pay for stuff before she cut in front of us.  Weird.  Calvin was insisting that he was going to walk up the tower.  I talked him out of it by reminding him that he'll need his energy to play the drums at the EMP.  Then we found out that the stairs are for emergency exit only.  And that's the most intersting thing about it. 

The kids really like hotels.  Especially ones with pools and kitchenettes.  Funny that Brad got bed bug and I didn't.  I guess he tastes better - all the salty chips.