Day 8 - Seattle to Seaside

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Submitted by brad on Wed, 07/20/2011 - 00:35
He said:  I should mention, we watched Goonies last night.  Woke up, had breakfast at the hotel.  They had the waffle machine! Love those waffles.  Then we hit Archie McPhee's, my raison d'etre.  When they figure out how to live another life, I'll go to university in Seattle and work weekends at Archie McPhee's.  Nothing but wonderful glorious junk as far as the eye can see. I made some solid gift and BBQ purchases, and the kids bought some timeless classic toys that I believe are already lost under the seats of the van somewhere. Then it was on to Astoria, AKA Seaside, AKA "HEYYY YOOOOUUU GUYS!!!".  It was another semi-long drive, and it was raining again, but eventually we got there, just in time for supper. The hotel was very nice. Old,dated,but lots of room, separate bedroom, jetted tub.  We immediately hit the beach in the rain. I don't know what it is, but I love the ocean.  That constant sound, constant motion, and the sightlines. Nothing as far as the eye can see until it fades into the sky.  When they figure out how to live another live, I'll go to the ocean and set up shop.  Calvin was pleased, I think he said "this was a good idea", or something along those lines.  He's digging up sand dollars left and right.  We had dinner at the hotel, and we're here for 3 nights. Hopefully the rain stops.

She said: Archie McPhee's is the one of the last places on earth I'd ever go to again.  One pointless plastic piece of poop (literally) after another. Brad and I had different childhoods I guess.  The rain isn't too bad.  It's what you expect on the coast.  Kind of a misty rain that gets you soaked if you walk in it for an hour but it never got in the way of our fun and made my life easier because we didn't have to put sun screen on. The ocean really is beaufiul and so peacful.  It's the one place I can be where the constant loud noise doesn't drive me insane.  Maybe because it drowns out the other noises (to remain nameless).  The restaurant at our quaint hotel (former B&B) is fantastic.  Creative chef.  I had what I could only describe as an open-face salmon (sushi) roll.  So good, but a little expensive.  We're eating out just once a day where possible.  Having cereal and peanut butter sandwiches for the other meals.  Supplemented of course with the usual pop and chips and candies because "we're on holidays".  Lots of walking here.  Good for the circulation.  I bought some sneakers that should make it easier to walk in.  My foot was getting all cramped up from the weird way I have to walk now.  My toenail is not attached on the sides - Calvin can't wait to video when I can peel it entirely off!!!